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Diamond Wreath Ranch has raised British White Cattle for the past ten years. Our mother cows winter in San Tan Valley, AZ. until they have their calves which takes place between February and May. Than the ranch transports them to the Mountain Meadows in Alpine, AZ, where they spend the summer and early fall in knee high meadow grass and crystal clear water from the Escudilla Mountain watershed. In November, the steers and heifers will weigh about 500 to 600 lbs. Before the snow falls, we return to the valley for the winter. The 6 month old steers and heifers are weaned and are put on a diet of alfalfa, hay, mixed grasses and grain. Come Spring, they will receive high altitude shots which are necessary to produce the best beef possible for your table and ours.

Now they are ready to go back up to 8500 feet to the Mountain Meadows. They will weigh very close to 1000 lbs. come November. In the final three months or more, when they are in Gilbert, they will be fed a custom mixed high protein grain and hay. If you want grass-fed beef, this step will be eliminated and they will go directly to processing. After they have reached 1100 to 1200 lbs., the animals are humanely harvested and processed by a professional service of your choice. The steer or heifer will hang in a cool room from 7 to 14 days where the aging takes place. This process further tenderizes and flavors the meat.

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